New Dawn Dental’s approach is 100% patient-centered. We work closely with our patients to devise solutions that are advanced,
prompt, and reasonable. Furthermore, we rely on proven diagnostic technologies, effective treatment protocols, and superior
dental equipment that allow our patients to enjoy a safe, reliable, and exceedingly comfortable dental care experience.


Individualized care based on the patient’s needs

At New Dawn Dental, we work on one motto — ‘Treatment with the patient’s priorities in mind.’

We view our patients as valuable assets and ensure they receive individualized attention for all their dental care needs. We consider it our duty to educate each and every patient about the benefits of maintaining good oral health in order to prevent cavities and other serious dental ailments. This includes information on the benefits of brushing, flossing, maintaining a healthy diet, and making frequent visits to the dentists.

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Our team is our greatest strength

Patients are the beneficiaries of a strong dental team. Our team stands tall on this parameter. We provide extraordinary care in the area of  oncology dentistry, cosmetic procedures and laser induced treatments. Every treatment is planned after thorough brainstorming sessions within the team. Dr. DiMiceli’s vast experience in dentistry along with the knowledge of other team members help us formulate solutions that are unique and highly efficient.

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Creating a comfortable environment that integrates the latest technologies at New Dawn Dental 

We ensure that our patients are greeted with a pleasant environment to make them feel at home with traditional one-on-one care unlike corporate dental mills that lack personalized dental care.

We strive to give you a comfortable environment which is inclusive of a highly efficient team and advanced technologies. Our motive is to provide exceptional services so that you can easily bestow your trust in us. We ensure that every patient is greeted with a pleasant environment to make them feel at home.

We are continuously investing in our practice in terms of people, training, equipment, and services to ensure that we can stand by our commitment while serving you. Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern techniques such as:

Laser Dentistry- Painless fillings and periodontal surgeries;

3D HD CT- Scan 3D x-rays for precise diagnostics and treatment; and

Omni-Cam- Digital impression imaging and crowns in about an hour

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Advanced yet affordable treatment

Are you without dental insurance? Does your costly dental plan fall short of your dental needs?

With our affordable dental care plan, treatment costs will never be a burden for you. New Dawn Dental AffordDentPlan is a cost-effective solution for all your oral health care needs. You can save up to 30% on all procedures.

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A unique treatment plan for every patient

Every treatment plan is created through proper understanding of the patient’s needs, expectations, and priorities. This insight is only possible when there is seamless communication between the practitioner and the patient. Our bilingual team, who is fluent in English and Spanish, makes certain that the patients never face any trouble in voicing their concerns with us. Once we are aware of what you looking for, only then a unique and tailored procedure is developed collectively by the team.

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